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Base Handling
Manually unloading parcels from transportation containers onto an automated parcel sortation system is highly labor intensive and can be a risk to the health and safety of employees.
Bluebird Inc
Bluebird is an enterprise IoT total solution provider chosen by global companies and government agencies across the world. Since its establishment in 1995, Bluebird has been leading the industry
by providing innovative industrial mobile and RFID solutions developed with high-level domestic technology.
BlueCrest is with you at every stage of the document lifecycle. Our industry pedigree and expertise translate into a solutions-set that drives operational efficiency and excellence from job received to job delivered. It’s about people, processes and technology coming together to advance your operation. Look to BlueCrest for the world’s most comprehensive line of production printers, inserters, sorters, parcel solutions and software. With the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with existing processes and the innovation to enable your long-term vision, BlueCrest is your partner for continual optimisation and sustained business growth.
International online business is booming. This poses enormous challenges not only for courier and parcel delivery services, the distribution centers are also groaning under the rising volume of packets, shorter and shorter delivery times and the increasing variety of items that need to be handled. In order to ensure parcels and packets reach their recipients as rapidly and reliably as possible, sorting centers need efficient and flexible solutions that optimize and automate their processes. Grab your slice of the cake and turn the online boom into a WOW – with BÖWE SYSTEC sorting solutions.
Cimcorp is a global supplier of automated logistics solutions for the postal services, food & beverage and retail industries, as well as for tire manufacturing. For over 40 years we have optimized our customers’ material flows through a combination of robotic technology and smart software.
Damon Technology was founded in 2001 and has been listed on the STAR Market (stock code: 688360). Damon is one of the well-known intelligent logistics systems and core equipment providers in China, focus on R&D and application of logistics technology.
Direct4me is a Silicon Valley-based company out of Palo Alto, California that developed a unique technology solution for last-mile parcel delivery where eCommerce and retail meet the consumer.
Emulate3D Controls Testing is designed to provide a test bed for the off-line controls testing of machines or systems. It comprises a 3D environment to create the replica of the machine or material handling system being controlled, functionality to create realistic loads within the system, and connectivity to a wide range of PLC types and higher level control systems under test.
Escher Group Limited
Escher powers the world’s first and last mile deliveries, helping Posts connect nearly 1 billion consumers
with global ecommerce networks. Postal operators rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital
customer experience, to activate new revenue streams, and to realize new delivery economics.

The company’s award-winning customer engagement platform, Riposte, and Escher’s full-service support
helps Posts become next generation enablers of ecommerce. First and last mile delivery becomes
streamlined, efficient, and profitable and is powered by the most customer-centric, low-cost, retail network
imaginable. Posts can also rapidly expand and deepen all points of engagement with ease and in a highly
cost-effective way.
For more than 20 years EuroSort has been designing and manufacturing high-speed unit and shipping sortation technology for some of the world’s largest companies in post, parcel, apparel, accessory, footwear, pharmaceutical, book, jewellery, consumer goods, and 3PL industries.
Fives Intralogistics S.p.A.
Fives is a leader in cutting-edge solutions to automate warehouses and logistics platforms and is committed to help customers increase system throughput, reduce operation costs and improve productivity at their installations.
Geekplus Europe GmbH
Geek+ is a global technology company specialized in smart logistics. We apply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations.
GIRO Inc. was founded in 1979 and has achieved sustained organic growth over the years. GIRO develops and implements integrated software solutions for planning and managing postal and transport-related operations. All our solutions combine advanced operations-research optimization techniques with powerful data-management tools that bring tangible benefits to our clients.
Hurricane Commerce
Hurricane’s technology transforms the capability of cross-border eCommerce businesses. Cross-border eCommerce is booming, but a raft of regulations is posing risks to businesses trading or seeking to trade outside of their domestic markets. The need for complete, accurate and valid electronic data to accompany goods is now non-negotiable.
IDMail Systems
Since 1997 ID Mail Systems, Inc. has designed and manufactured innovative, customized mail processing and sorting solutions for:
INFORM’s Agile Yard Management software, SyncroTESS, optimizes the handling of load units in post and parcel centers. Through the synchronized interaction between gate, yard, and logistics center, SyncroTESS enables an efficient, transparent and optimized yard management providing
K. Hartwall Oy Ab
K. Hartwall is a global market leader in developing load carrier solutions for retail companies, postal and parcel operators and the automotive industry. Today it brings logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.
With over 17,000 KePol parcel lockers sold (as of June 2021), KEBA is the European market leader. Extensive experience from different countries around the world is the basis for in-depth knowledge and unique innovations. That makes KEBA the ideal partner for smart automation solutions around the contactless handover of parcels and goods.
Kern AG
Kern AG is a Swiss manufacturer and worldwide supplier of products, solutions and services in the field of inserting and packaging systems as well as parcel terminals. The software and platforms that are tailored to the product and customer complete the Kern system landscape. For more than seven decades, Kern has stood for great innovation, quality, flexibility and reliability. The Group operates in around 50 countries worldwide and employs about 750 people. Kern Service is available worldwide with 450 service technicians, on 365 days a year.
KYBURZ Switzerland AG
KYBURZ Switzerland AG develops and produces high-quality electric vehicles for delivery companies, industrial companies, municipalities and private individuals.
A pioneer in high-tech logistic solutions – we place our customers at the base of everything we do. At Lowpad, we are taking on the challenge to help organisations improve their productivity and efficiency while decreasing costs.
Melissa has been a leading provider of global data quality solutions for over 35 years. As the Address Experts, we know that business success starts with accurate address data. Data entry errors such as spelling mistakes, wrong house numbers, incorrect postal codes and bad in-country formatting all contribute to bad customer data.
MHS is a single-source provider of turnkey material handling automation solutions able to handle virtually all aspects of sorting and distribution center projects in-house, from system design to controls, installation and aftermarket support.
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Panasonic Computer Product Solutions doesn’t just lead the ruggedised PC and tablet market, it defined it. Since our first model launched 20 years ago, Toughbook and Toughpad mobile PCs and tablets have created their own niche in the world of mobile technology, redefining the possibilities of access to data and applications in the most challenging of environments
ProGlove builds the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, connecting workers to the Internet of Things. This promotes human-machine collaboration and drives the digitization of the shop floor. More than 500 renowned organizations in manufacturing, production, logistics, and retail use these smarter workforce solutions.
Regal Beloit
Regal Beloit Corporation is a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of electric motors and controls, power generation and power transmission products, and manufacturers of the System Plast® ModSort® module.
RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.
RouteSmart Technologies’ proven solutions help postal and parcel organizations around the world create the most efficient routes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Using RouteSmart Routing as a Service® (RaaS), companies of all sizes can quickly create the most effective and efficient routing solutions. RaaS builds geographically compact, logical, and balanced workloads in a fraction of the time it takes other routing systems.
As one of the global market leaders in drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE moves countless processes, systems and machines in many sectors of the production and process industry. SEW-EURODRIVE has been helping customers boost their productivity for 90 years. Solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE can be found all over the world, from fast, dynamic and highly accurate applications, as used in discrete manufacturing, to large and powerful applications as used in the logistics industry or in the raw materials sector or container terminals.
Siemens Logistics GmbH
Siemens Logistics GmbH is a leading provider of innovative and reliable products and solutions for mail and parcel automation and for the digitalization of logistics processes. Drawing on decades of experience, the company’s portfolio includes future-oriented technologies and software solutions for the processing of the entire mail and parcel spectrum.
SOLYSTIC is a global leading provider for end-to-end automation of logistics process for postal, Express & Parcels, e-commerce and retail industries.

We have a strong legacy and broad capabilities in logistics process design and organization, program management, material handling, real-time image and data processing, mobile robotics, lifecycle services and digital twin data modelling.
Spectos Group
For nearly 20 years Spectos has specialized in measuring postal service quality according to international standards, EN 13850 and EN 14534. Among many of its clients in the postal and logistics sector are Postcon, bpost, Lux Post, PostNL, Hermes and Singapore Post.
SwipBox is a software company with a hardware solution that enables infrastructural innovation. With intelligent parcel lockers in more than 50 countries and deep networks in selected countries, SwipBox aims at increasing the convenience for end users.
Transnorm System GmbH
With more than 50 years of experience, Transnorm is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance flexible conveyor modules that minimise downtime, save you installation and operational costs, and operate at noise levels lower than an average conversation. Able to handle tote bins, boxes, bags, parcels and airport baggage, our modules provide efficient unloading of bulk parcels (parcels, bags and/or “smalls”) critical to achieve today’s required throughputs and service levels and optimise building space. Delivering with the ideal of “Global Excellence for Parcel,” Transnorm stands for industry-leading belt curve technology, innovative sortation solutions and lifecycle support services.
TRECO Postal
TRECO Postal is a Danish supplier of postal equipment and has been in the postal industry for nearly 30 years. The headquarters are located in Aalestrup, Denmark, but our customers are spread all over the world – and especially in the North.
Urbantz is the world's leading last mile delivery management platform designed specifically for enterprises. We provide the answer to one of their most pressing questions: How do you scale deliveries sustainably as the complexity of your operation grows?
VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH
Complex supply chains and an increase in shipment volume require in-tegrated solutions that combine processes and create transparency. VITRONIC's Auto-ID solutions play an important role in this by capturing data automatically, integrating it into connected systems, and thus ensur-ing seamless documentation.
Vmoto Group(“Vmoto Soco”)
Vmoto Soco is an Australian Securities Exchange listed company and is the official supplier of Ducati. We focus on manufacturing of high quality “green” electric powered two-wheel vehicles with production capacity of 200,000-300,000 vehicles per year and wholly owned 30,000sqm state of the art manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China.
what3words is a unique location reference solution which has pre-allocated every 3m x 3m square in the world with a 3-word address. It is being used to deliver mail in the favelas of Brazil, medicine in the Townships of South Africa, has been adopted by the Mongol Post and is being built into Aramex’s systems to drive last mile efficiencies.
The BOWE GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart automation and IoT software solutions industries along the entire internal value-added chain.
Doddle is the world’s leading PUDO technology business. Our white-label technology platform powers the creation, roll out and management of a full out-of-home delivery & returns ecosystem for some of the world’s leading parcel carriers.
Greenplan is a DHL powered tech startup that offers solutions for smart logistics in the B2B- and B2C-sector. Its cloud-based dynamic tour planning toolkit helps moving goods in a highly efficient and clean way – optimizing delivery routes and stop sequences and always keeping all delivery time promises and choosing the tours with the lowest effort possible.
The Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions. The company was founded in 1959 and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1997. Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services in these categories: rollers (conveyor rollers), drives (motors and drives for conveyor systems), and conveyors & sorters, as well as pallet & carton flow (flow storage systems).
iParcelBox is the leading smart, at-home parcel delivery box that homeowners monitor and control from their smartphone.  Its patent-pending technology is courier-agnostic and requires no IT systems integration, bespoke apps or access codes.
Mailroom Solutions Oy
Mailroom Solutions is a Finland based logistics solutions and software company.

Mailroom Solutions offers a comprehensive Postal Business Intelligence Toolkit that enables sophisticated parcel and mail sorting solutions and makes the sorting processes easy and inspiring.
Paxster AS
Paxster AS has developed a range of electric vehicles and since 2013 we have supplied last mile distribution companies globally, focusing on ergonomic, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions for delivery in urban and suburban areas.
Piab AB
Piab is evolving automation through progressive gripping, lifting, and moving solutions and has done so since 1951. We believe in an automated world, where no resources are wasted, and no humans are injured. With annual sales of ~ 1.5 billion SEK, 650 employees and a global presence in more than 100 countries, we help our customers improve their operations for the better daily. Since 2018, Piab is owned by Patricia Industries, part of Investor AB.
Prime Vision B.V.
Prime Vision is market leader in Computer Vision Integration in the global logistics market for Postal, Parcel, e-commerce and Airports. With our proven solutions in Sorting decision systems, OCR, Barcode Reading, Video-coding and Robotics, we help you to improve the flow of goods in your sorting operation and make it more efficient, flexible and predictable.
Wanzl GmbH & Co. KGaA
Wanzl, founded in 1947, began as a metal working factory with a focus on wire and tube processing with processing into individual products. Today, the Wanzl Material Handling business unit sees itself as a one-stop solution provider with consulting, development and production expertise. For intralogistics we produce order picking trolleys, roll containers, transport trolleys and stackable pallet containers.