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Escher Group Limited
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Delivering ecommerce from the first to last mile

Escher powers the world’s first and last mile deliveries, helping Posts connect nearly 1 billion consumers
with global ecommerce networks. Postal operators rely on Escher to deliver an enhanced retail and digital
customer experience, to activate new revenue streams, and to realize new delivery economics.

The company’s award-winning customer engagement platform, Riposte, and Escher’s full-service support
helps Posts become next generation enablers of ecommerce. First and last mile delivery becomes
streamlined, efficient, and profitable and is powered by the most customer-centric, low-cost, retail network
imaginable. Posts can also rapidly expand and deepen customer engagement with their delivery network
with ease and in a highly cost-effective way.

Escher enables Posts to become more agile and responsive to customer needs. The Riposte platform
puts your customers in the driver’s seat, helping them define their own journey with the entire process
being quick, simple, and enjoyable. Every customer interaction is seamlessly connected across every
digital channel, service, engagement mode and physical location. Physical and digital channels are
unified, allowing customers to begin a transaction on one channel and complete it in another along with a
convenient and efficient self-service experience.

Escher also harnesses the power of data across the entire postal network, helping Posts make faster,
more informed decisions. Using advanced predictive analytics and AI, Escher technology provides
actionable insights to optimize labor, understand customer needs and better manage both delivery and
retail network efficiency.

Additionally, Escher’s continuous stream of platform advancements means Posts innovate quickly and
always stay ahead. Posts can deploy new physical touchpoints at short notice, streamline day-to-day
operations, and accelerate the rollout of new products and services – including third-party offerings – all
with the scale, speed and low cost that comes from a world class software product.

With Escher, Posts realize new economics by optimizing costs at every point of engagement. Escher also
stretches the postal IT budget, reducing costs through centralized administration and lower capital

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