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Escher Group Limited
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About us

Escher Group delivers point of service software to more post offices around the globe than any other provider. We’ve been transforming posts with our post office partners since 1989.

We’ve developed our technology beyond the counter automation, because Posts moved beyond the counter.

We’ve created ecommerce solutions, because Posts are embracing ecommerce solutions.

We’re powering customer experience, because Posts are enhancing customer experience.

We’ve been innovating in postal technology for nearly 30 years, because we understand post almost as well as Posts do.

We can help Posts with every aspect of their postal business.


Experience The World’s Most Flexible Post Office Platform….

Our Point of Service solution has been developed to be customizable for all Posts. Posts can choose the key touchpoints and implementations, which are critical for their business. Posts can choose the full suite of point of sale/technologies or a selection. The options include counter automation, self-service kiosks, in-store mobile point of service, mobile postal worker, 3rd party agency distribution, web based point of sale, ecommerce enablement and digital/hybrid mail deployments. Our goal is to turn every point of sale and customer end-point a Post interacts with into a Point of Service location with exceptional customer experiences.

We are the total solutions provider for Posts and we ensure to collaborate with them for success in the long term.

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