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kernTerminal specializes in manufacturing smart lockers, associated software development, and establishing and operating own and customer locker networks worldwide. kernTerminal has an extensive portfolio of standard and refrigerated lockers, including dedicated software solutions for many customer segments. They offer the key technology and the appropriate answer to the challenges of organizations and companies that want to break new ground in the field of parcel and goods logistics. The kernTerminal solutions give digital access to spaces in a process-optimized manner.

A smart terminal is a sophisticated system consisting of automated parcel compartments of various sizes equipped with sensors. One of the main features is the safe and timely delivery of goods. There are also ecological and economic benefits, as the first delivery attempt is always successful.

The terminals are available for indoor and outdoor use and various applications with diverse needs. They are used at locations with high footfall, such as railway stations or in companies and residential areas.

The refrigerator and freezer compartments offer new possibilities for distributing fresh and frozen products.

Even citizens can collect their identity documents around the clock with the ID Terminal of kernTerminal. The solutions are many!

The lockers are notable for being exceptionally robust and offering secure, sophisticated, and user-friendly software on the locker and by APP.

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