IDMail Systems

IDMail Systems
180 Johnson Street
CT 06457
+1 860 344 3333

Since 1997 ID Mail Systems, Inc. has designed and manufactured innovative, customized mail processing and sorting solutions for:

• Domestic presort and sorting automation
• International mailing
• Postal operator automation
• Private delivery automation
• Corporate and governmental incoming-mail processing

Our product solutions include:
• Table-top systems for low-volume applications include semi-automated OCR handling of parcels, flats and M-Bags
• Dispatcher MX systems that handle letter, flat and packet mail sorting and processing
• New Maximizer for sorting and processing of packets and parcels
• Custom-designed solutions for special applications (franking, data collection for billing, barcode capture and recording, niche processes, etc.)

Our design and expertise encompasses the following technologies:
• Material handling
• OCR and address coding
• Barcode reading
• Weighing
• Volume/format measuring
• Labelling
• Printing
• Sorting
• Data management and reporting

ID Mail’s experience ranges from automation for small mail service businesses to large and complex automation projects for leading postal services in a number of countries.

ID Mail standard and custom-designed solutions are flexible yet affordable and integrate seamlessly with existing customer operation and IT systems. Personalized project management, after-sales service and ongoing support are all available. Whatever your automation and technology needs in mail and parcel processing we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your project and requirements.