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Emulate3D Controls Testing is designed to provide a test bed for the off-line controls testing of machines or systems. It comprises a 3D environment to create the replica of the machine or material handling system being controlled, functionality to create realistic loads within the system, and connectivity to a wide range of PLC types and higher level control systems under test. Virtual commissioning saves time and money by taking much of the logical testing off the critical path.

Sim3D provides fast-executing models of automation systems undergoing exploratory development to result in robust solutions. Unlike emulation, simulation models include integrated operational logic, and run many times faster than real time. Manufacturing and warehouse projects generate questions about dimensioning, throughput, and operation. The systems involved are dynamic, with product movements and resource allocation adding complexity into the mix. Sim3D speeds the build process with QuickStart catalog elements and allows you to concentrate on “what if?” experimentation.

Demo3D models are catalog-built and serve to prototype new systems and demonstrate dynamic operation. Realistic emergent movement is exhibited when loads interact with each other and the handling equipment, giving presentations and presenters credibility.

Layout3D enables users to quickly construct accurate models from catalog items, and then create videos of fly-throughs as leave-behinds.

All Emulate3D products can import a wide variety of CAD formats to leverage existing assets, and output images, videos and BOMs to a wide range of standard formats. Emulate3D technology provides a robust and powerful framework which also allows users to customise and extend the system.

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