Vmoto Group(“Vmoto Soco”)

Vmoto Group(“Vmoto Soco”)
No. 15 East ZhongXing Road, Lishui Economic Development Zone,Nanjing City, 211200, China
0086 25 68811552

Vmoto Soco is an Australian Securities Exchange listed company and is the official supplier of Ducati. We focus on manufacturing of high quality “green” electric powered two-wheel vehicles with production capacity of 200,000-300,000 vehicles per year and wholly owned 30,000sqm state of the art manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China.

Over the last 10 years, Vmoto Soco has built up a global distribution and service network .The group operates through two primary brands: E-Max (targeting the Western B2B markets, with a premium end product) and Super Soco (targeting the Western B2C markets), with 40 global distributors across approximately 50 countries, a distribution warehouse in Amsterdam and market center in Milan,Italy.

We aim to supply new generation green and economy way of traveling and latest solution for both personal and business electric power two-wheel vehicles.

We are here waiting!

Product Series: Motorcycles: TS, TSX, TC, TC-MAX
Scooter&mopeds: CU/CUS/CUX (with sharing version)
VS1 (heavy duty delivery vehicle)
CPX (muti-functional heavy duty )
RU/DU (light duty)


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