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iParcelBox is the leading smart, at-home parcel delivery box that homeowners monitor and control from their smartphone.  Its patent-pending technology is courier-agnostic and requires no IT systems integration, bespoke apps or access codes.
The iParcelBox interface was specifically designed not just to provide a great customer experience, but also to make it quick and easy for the courier: they simply press a button on the iParcelBox to request a delivery and wait for the lid to unlock.
If the iParcelBox is empty it will automatically unlock, and for subsequent deliveries a notification is sent to the homeowner, and they remotely unlock their iParcelBox using the smartphone app. A unique barcode inside the lid allows the courier to record Proof of Delivery.
iParcelBox has several unique features which provide industry-changing benefits for the last-mile logistics provider:
  • an open, carrier-agnostic platform which requires no integration by logistics companies
  • no requirement for the delivery driver to have a specific app, access code or hardware
  • no capital investment or ongoing use charges by couriers
  • the ability to securely collect returns as well as make deliveries at any time of day or night
  • proof of delivery, using a unique code / barcode inside the lid of the iParcelBox
  • a full data trail, allowing independent verification in the event of a dispute.
  • unattended access using digital ‘keys’, which can be used on any device with an internet connection irrespective of the hardware/software in use

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