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The development of Prime Vision OCR is an evolutionary process. The company’s high commitment to R&D allows its products to be continually refined and enhanced to optimise the automated sorting process. They are developed to provide increased flexibility, enabling posts to better manage fluctuations in volumes and maximise the use of resources.

This progression has created important commercial differentiators, a key example being Prime Vision’s hardware independence. As a result, the company has gained valuable experience across a multitude of platforms, putting it in a unique position as a systems’ integrator. Strategic alliances have added another valuable dimension. Dutchear, for example, has presented Prime Vision with the exciting prospect of integrating speech recognition with its OCR solutions.

The brands Prime Vision and Dutchear are now responsible for three core technologies; RecoWorld handwritten and machine printed text recognition, SpeechWorld the Asterix-based voice recognition engine and the OpenWorld open integration platform.

These technologies give rise to six primary solutions for specific markets. Leading the field is ParcelMatch Prime Vision’s flagship OCR/ICR, previously known as ParcelVision, and MailMatch that provides similar capability for letters and flats. LogisticsMatch is the new name for the former OCR Lite product for warehouse and logistics applications. And completing the suite are three Dutchear solutions, MeetingMatch, CallMatch and SecureMatch.

Modularity is another distinguishing feature of Prime Vision solutions. System components can be plugged in at any stage and value added incrementally. These components – of which there are currently thirteen – all carry the suffix – IT.

A good example of what can be achieved is the Process-IT integrated coding station that allows the cost-effective, automated processing of rejects or difficult to automate letters, flats and parcels. It provides a tailored and modular, end-of-line solution that has the ability to boost read rates close to 100%.