Mailroom Solutions Oy

Mailroom Solutions Oy
Matti Visannin Kuja 15 A
60100 Seinäjoki, Finland
+358 207871300

Mailroom Solutions is a Finland based logistics solutions and software company.

Mailroom Solutions offers a comprehensive Postal Business Intelligence Toolkit that enables sophisticated parcel and mail sorting solutions and makes the sorting processes easy and inspiring.

The innovative technology and world-class solutions from Mailroom Solutions make parcels and mail handling efficient by consolidating and enriching the data from several back end systems and removing the memory-based operations.

For twenty years, Mailroom Solutions has been helping postal professionals to raise their performance and face the challenges of the changing business by making processes more powerful with their intelligent products.

Strong software professionalism, modern architecture, and best practices enable the productive integration and utilization of a wide range of data from various sources.

Many customers have reported achieving significant cost savings and efficiency improvements since implementing innovative software and equipment solutions from Mailroom Solutions.
mSorter Code Stations can easily sort mail items into sequenced batches that are ready for delivery. At the same time, the number of sorting phases is reduced by utilizing the data from several back end systems.

mSorter OCR stations are used for registering small parcels and registered letters. Additionally OCR based stations are used for providing barcodes to non-coded mail.
Line Sorters offer high speed ecommerce parcel sorting for amorphous shipments and automate the VAT and Customs data extraction from ITMATT messages or CN22/23 forms.

  • Mailroom Solutions Oy
  • Mailroom Solutions Oy