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Is ‘free delivery’ really free?

Claire Borsenberger, researcher for Le Groupe La Poste, and Emmanuel Vivet, deputy director, international affairs, Le Groupe La Poste, examine what is really meant by the term “free delivery” and what motivates companies to offer such a service

Postal metamorphosis

Post-Expo 2015 conference speaker Dr Judit Burucs, director of strategy and risk management, Magyar Posta, provides a brief insight into some of the key elements involved in modernizing the Hungarian postal service.

Networking for postal industry researchers

Helen Norman, editor for Postal Technology International, talks to professor Kristian J Sund, chairman for the Postal Research Network, about the ideas behind the group and what it hopes to achieve.

Free shipping – boom or bust

Market analyst Planet Retail discusses the pros and cons of free shipping for online purchases and whether or not the e-commerce market can continue to support such promotions

Window of opportunity

Following the development of a recyclable envelope with a glassine paper window, Postal Technology International speaks to Luca Palermo, Nexive CEO, about future developments and some of the challenges facing the postal industry

Launch platform

DPDgroup’s Jean-Luc Defrance and Atechsys’s Moustapha Kasbari speak to Postal Technology International about DPD’s recent drone delivery tests

Crack the code

Chris Sheldrick, CEO of what3words, explains how the system is working to simplify addressing across the globe

Difficult delivery

Brendan Pittaway explores Ireland’s long and winding road to getting its own postcode system

Keep the parcels moving

Solystic discusses how e-commerce growth is paving the way for greater cooperation, and how virtual identification may be the key to a standardized approach  

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