Drone delivery service launched by SEAT

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Working with Grupo Sesé, SEAT has implemented a pilot project that enables drones to deliver components from its logistics center to assembly workshops in just 15 minutes. This video illustrates how the car manufacturer delivered a steering wheel using a drone.

An order for the steering wheel was received at the Grupo Sesé Logistics Centre in Spain. The part was then loaded into a carbon-fiber capsule weighing 5.5kg which is firmly attached to the drone with an electromagnet.

Measuring 1.7m in diameter, the drone travelled the 2km distance to the SEAT assembly workshop, flying autonomously at a height of 95m over the factory roof at 40km/h. It took only four minutes from take-off until the drone dropped off the capsule at its destination, and the whole process took 15 minutes.

“With this innovation, we are boosting Industry 4.0 and will be more efficient, agile and competitive, as well as much more sustainable,” said SEAT vice president for production and logistics Dr Christian Vollmer.



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