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In an industry where reputations are made on the promise of timely and accurate delivery, an internet tracking website – where progress can be monitored from depot to door – is the latest battleground in customer service. David Quin looks at how the delivery driver is a key player in this battleground.

Any direct mail campaign depends on careful planning to ensure that response rates are high and sales conversions numerous. A number of factors can intervene and impact its outcome. Richard Higginbotham explains more

Even in the current challenging economic climate there are a number of rapidly growing transportation and logistics companies who are cleverly employing technology to enable them to take on the established major players. Dave Upton looks at how these companies will be the stars of the future and the ones that don’t embrace technology will not.

Post Offices should take a leaf out of Austria’s book and leave their stamp on the church. Guy Mucklow explains more

Europe ‘s postal market is undergoing a period of change as markets open to increased competition. With postal providers jockeying for position so the number of services and options available to bulk mailers gradually increases. Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Pitney Bowes, outlines how technology and services are enabling businesses to navigate this choice to optimise postage efficiency and spend.

When seen purely as a telecom network, the postal service is fascinating and unique. It shares with any other government network the reality of hundreds of thousands of users, often handling very sensitive data.

Accountability and traceability are two elements that bring real business advantages for the postal industry. When built into technology, these elements can have an organisational impact as well as a customer benefit. But that is not all – this type of technology can also deliver elegant recovery. What do we mean by that? I’ll explain in a moment.

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the future of the postal industry and the need for traditional services to adapt in order to remain sustainable. This discussion has not always taken into account that while technology has been a major challenge to the industry it has also helped provide the solutions. David Picton explains more