Augmented reality could help post and parcel providers meet demand, says Scandit

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Scandit has released a point-of-view white paper, Mobile Computer Vision in the Post and Parcel Industry, that claims post and parcel providers can scan barcodes and text with smart devices to keep up with increased parcel volume and customer expectations.

The report provides and insight into how post and parcel organizations can use mobile computer vision-enabled data capture and augmented reality solutions running on smart devices to increase the capabilities of existing barcodes in ways that dedicated scanners cannot.

The resulting benefits include reduced costs, increased efficiency and fewer human errors, the ability to meet growing end-user demands, and the protection of your investment.

Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit, said, “Post and Parcel enterprises can’t expect to use the same old technology and workflows and be successful in this explosive age of e-commerce.

“The powerful thing about mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices is that they empower post and parcel providers to take the barcode that’s already on every package and turn it into a tool that saves them money and supercharges their performance and efficiency. Our new point-of-view white paper explains how to make this happen.”

Scandit is a developer of next-generation data capture technology enabled by mobile computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning.

Read Mobile Computer Vision in the Post and Parcel Industry here.

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