MetaPack platform to merge geolocation data

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Location and mapping company Here Technologies and Metapack are updating the delivery management technology company’s e-commerce delivery platform to integrate geolocation technology into online buying processes.

The two companies are to update the MetaPack API so that it can dynamically present delivery options based on a customer’s location on the actual Product Description Pages of e-commerce websites.

The API will enable customers to select a delivery option that is personalized to their specific needs and let brands and retailers better meet their delivery promises.

The system will take a preferred delivery address and then match that, via geolocation, to the nearest Pick-Up-Drop-Off (PUDO) point, including locations such as petrol forecourts or convenience stores, as well as retail locations, that suit the customer.

Here’s software will then take data such as the customer’s address or another convenient delivery location, to display accurate store pick-up or PUDO options.

Mathieu Jurgawczynski, senior product manager, MetaPack, said, “45% of consumers confess to having abandoned a basket on a retailer or brand/manufacturer’s website because of unsatisfactory or unavailable delivery options. It’s clear that delivery is very much a defining moment in the e-commerce experience.

“Our alliance with Here Technologies will enable online consumers to see via a retailer’s website which delivery options, services and slots are available specifically to them, making sure their package gets delivered at a location and time that suits them best.”

Research from the MetaPack 2016 State of eCommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report reveals that 44% of respondents used a PUDO service in 2016 compared to just 29% in 2015. Similarly, for same-day delivery, 22% of respondents had made use of this delivery option compared to just 13% in 2015.

“MetaPack works with the biggest retailers and brands in the world so it’s essential that the information presented on websites by MetaPack and Here is accurate, responsive and consistent,” added Jurgawczynski.

“Here’s global scale, its ability to support the volume of orders that we handle and its very strong performance, something validated through our own tests, was hugely important to us and this partnership is critical to MetaPack.”

September 19, 2017

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