Conference Speaker Interview: How IoT will change the CEP industry

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Dirk van Lammeren, commercial director, Prime Vision, Netherlands, will give a presentation discussing IoT: where technological practicality meets commercial profitability at this year’s Parcel+Post Expo Conference.

Describe your presentation.

My talk will offer an overarching view of IoT and its recent impact on the logistics industry. IoT connects your physical infrastructure or assets (things) and transforms these into a continuous flow of digital information. It promised to be an industry game-changer, but what has been achieved and how is the CEP industry doing in all of this? What can we expect over the next few years? I will discuss how to start with IoT, and how to strike that perfect balance – where technological practicality and commercial profitability overlap.

How does IoT impact the logistics industry – and more specifically CEP?

In the logistics industry, IoT-based solutions are everywhere around you. Companies like Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon are providing services by enabling other companies to integrate IoT infrastructure and are turning information flows into new propositions. The CEP industry is looking for suitable applications for IoT solutions, both on an operational and a commercial level. A few examples are intelligent mailboxes, one-stop-drop solutions, return-mail solutions, and asset tracking. Companies should implement IoT solutions based on the belief that when they can adjust their process at any time, they will be able to deliver added value to their customers.

How do you expect IoT to develop in the next few years in CEP?

In the coming years, IoT solutions in CEP will connect more and more ‘things’ that will provide information anywhere, anytime. Postal networks will therefore become more intricate and transparent. This will lead to a continuous flow of information in contrast to the current information provided. More service propositions will be possible. The opportunities are endless.

How can postal and parcel companies adopt IoT?

In order to benefit from IoT solutions, companies should think about what they want to achieve. Do they want to wait for proven technology and new business standards, or do they want to prove the technology and search for new applications? Postal companies should use their existing IT infrastructure, information flows and processes and expand from there. They should use open standards and shouldn’t exclude any possible technology. It’s of great importance that companies work together to create better solutions.


See Dirk van Lammeren at Parcel+Post Expo Conference on Thursday, October 3 at 10:20am in Room 3. 

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