Hurricane Commerce smoothes the flow of e-commerce

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With the arrival of a swathe of new rules and regulations governing e-commerce across the globe, data specialist Hurricane Commerce has launched a “game-changing” data enhancement solution to support postal operators, express delivery services and logistics companies, which could be affected by issues such as customs delays.

For example, the company highlighted forthcoming regulation changes, such as ICS2 (Import Control System 2), which comes into force in March 2021 and requires entry summary declarations on all parcels and packets entering the EU, and the US STOP Act, which will be fully implemented from January 2021 and require full advance electronic data on all parcels arriving in the USA.

The company’s Zephyr product includes an API that can identify invalid parcel descriptions, provide status codes for imported consignments, and include a product description, HS6 code and, if required, 8- and 10-digit import and export codes. The company said the system can process over 700 million requests per day with 85% accuracy, while achieving an average response time of 100 milliseconds.

Hurricane’s Bluestone AI engine powers the auto-classification function, while its Aura API provides real-time calculation of duty and taxes and the identification of prohibited and restricted goods and denied parties.

Martyn Noble, CEO of Hurricane Commerce, said, “Zephyr is our latest piece of game-changing technology to deal with a real-world problem, enabling the efficient checking and completion of cross-border shipment pre-advices. It is easy to integrate and offers phenomenal speed times and unrivalled accuracy.

“The introduction of Zephyr means we are the only company able to provide a complete and modern set of solutions covering our four pillars of data enhancement, duty and tax calculation, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied parties screening.

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