New franchise scheme for Australian couriers

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Fueled by an exponential growth in e-commerce across its network, Aramex Australia has announced the launch of Courier Lite, an addition to its courier franchise model. The new model provides a benchmark for franchise businesses that need to scale up quickly, without investing in additional infrastructure expenditure.

According to the company, one of the challenges of the rapid growth in e-commerce for delivery partners is the ability to meet accelerating demand without the need for constant expansion and bigger warehouses. Its hope is that the new model will provide a solution to this challenge by optimizing delivery cycles.

Courier Lite Franchises will have a focus on high demand areas and only collect parcels from a home depot once per day, which will free up time for traditional courier franchisees to nurture relationships with existing customers and cultivate new business.

Aramex Australia CEO Peter Lipinski said the industry-wide shift to B2C deliveries over the last three to five years has rapidly accelerated in 2020, thanks to Covid-19: “Online shopping has been booming in Australia in recent years, and the current restrictions have turbo charged this growth. We expect this to continue in coming months and years.”

The company said that the simplicity of its delivery model creates more time for its traditional courier franchisees to focus on pickups, which are the most profitable part of their business.

“All this happens without the need to invest in costly additional infrastructure. By a simple change to the delivery cycles, we are able to tick a lot of boxes for our Courier Franchisees, our customers and our new Courier Lite Franchisees,” noted Lipinski. “For any Australians looking for an entry-level franchise opportunity in an industry that is booming, Courier Lite is the answer.”

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