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The right gig

Paul McCormack and Ian Hewitt ask if the reclassification of last-mile subcontractors to ’employees’ will spell doom for carriers worldwide?

March 26, 2017

Reaping e-commerce rewards

As the rise of e-commerce continues, Kai Tuomisaari, vice president sales for Cimcorp, explores how postal operators can use automation to exploit these e-commerce opportunities.

PUDOs, Russian-style

Tatyana Yampolskaya is a professional reciprocal operator (PRO) partner at Last Mile Experts, specializing on CEP and e-commerce advisory. 

What’s in the cart for 2018?

Matthew Robertson, co-CEO of parcel data management platform NetDespatch, examines five key trends set to shape the e-commerce industry in 2018

December 14, 2017

Evolved peak presents new opportunities

Simon Croft, carrier account director at MetaPack, explores some of the growing trends we can expect to see this peak season

November 21, 2017

How can businesses conquer the last-mile challenge?

Justine Clark from Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions looks at how posts can refine last-mile delivery and save cost and time by embracing new technologies in distribution centers. 

September 12, 2017

Last-mile delivery: a mountain or a molehill?

Santosh Sahu, CEO of LastMileLink Technologies, a CitySprint subsidiary, explains how the latest technologies can be used to help operators overcome last-mile hurdles

July 20, 2017

Robotics and the click-to-ship revolution

Simon Cooper, business solutions sales director, Dematic Northern Europe, considers the impact of modern robotics within the logistics warehouse

 July 11, 2017 

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