Kern to launch packaging system and latest lockers at POST-EXP0

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Kern is to showcase two new products at POST-EXPO 2017 – an updated model for its range of lockers and its PackOnTime packaging system.

The latest Kern 24/7 Smart Terminal lockers have been modified with design changes and software improvements. The automated lockers are said to provide a convenient solution for last-mile deliveries, while also helping to reduce pollution and costs for logistics companies, among other advantages.

Alongside deliveries and returns, Kern’s lockers can also be used for grocery purchases and laundry collection. The Laundry Terminal enables customers to send their clothes to a designated laundry service and have them delivered back to them laundered and ironed. Kern’s Home Terminal can be installed in any neighborhood or residential area.

Other new terminals to be demonstrated include the Post Office Terminal, which is like a classical post office box but, instead of a key, uses a PIN code to unlock and the Weapons Terminal, which has been designed for police stations and other law enforcement buildings.

Meanwhile, Kern will also be launching its PackOnTime solution at POST-EXPO 2017. PackOnTime is a multiformat and customizable packaging system, for automatically packaging items quickly, efficiently and easily; the solution automatically creates unique and adjusted packaging for each type of product, enabling posts to save costs in an environmentally responsible way.

The PackOnTime machine system will be presented at POST-EXPO’s PIP Innovation Jury on September 26. To find out more about Kern’s products, visit stand 5040.

POST-EXPO 2017 will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 26-28. Click here for more information.

September 19, 2017

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