Quadient introduces its multi-tenant locker solution to the UK

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Parcel lockers are increasingly popular as a means of managing parcel deliveries. In the UK, for example, Quadient has announced that its Parcel Pending locker solution will now be available for multi-tenant residential buildings. The company said this move will provide seamless management of incoming packages through a secure and automated process, enhancing resident satisfaction and improving operational efficiency.

With the continued growth of e-commerce coupled with the need for social distancing, Quadient highlighted it has processed over 2.7 million packages in its US network in May alone, an 86 % increase in year-on-year package volume. The company noted that with online orders growing across the globe, the need for easy-to-use, practical and efficient parcel management solutions become all the more critical, especially in properties with a high number of residents.

The company flagged up the improved operational efficiency that lockers offer. Package deliveries are made directly to the parcel locker by carriers, enabling property staff to focus on higher-value tasks, saving time and reducing operational costs. Additionally, the locker systems can be designed to meet the unique space needs of each property and can be integrated with property management software.

Additionally, its lockers have a robust, steel construction, which keeps packages off the floor and safe from being lost or stolen. Packages are retrieved by residents using a one-time-use PIN or barcode provided to them via email, SMS or in-app mobile notifications, with the lockers accessible 24/7.

“We are now seeing volumes of parcels every day that were once only typical during the holiday season, and parcel locker technology prevents property managers from becoming buried in packages,” said Duncan Groom, chief operating officer UK and Ireland, Quadient. “Offering parcel lockers not only increases operational efficiency of property managers and on-site staff, it also differentiates properties from the competition through value-added amenities and services, increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of residents.”

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