FarEye launches Drop&Pick app in Europe

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Digital logistics platform FarEye has launched its cloud-based web and mobile app Drop&Pick in Europe. The app allows logistics firms to set up local stores as automated parcel-shop hubs to meet the growing demand for fast, convenient parcel dispatch and collection.

The app lets local stores book, manage and track parcels on behalf of logistics firms and their customers. Logistics companies benefit from real-time visibility and up-to-the-minute data about their parcel dispatch and delivery processes, and customers have more delivery choices, event alerts and notifications.

Online shoppers also have the option to change their delivery preferences from, for example, a home delivery to a parcel store pick-up after the order has been placed.

Kushal Nahata, co-founder and CEO at FarEye, said, “As today’s digitally connected shoppers demand lower prices, greater convenience and a seamless experience when buying, receiving and returning goods, logistics companies need to rethink their delivery processes in order to compete and survive in an increasingly crowded and competitive delivery marketplace.

“There is a sharp increase in online transactions and both sellers and buyers require smart, quick and efficient dispatch and delivery of goods. The global e-commerce market is about US$2tn and with our technology already integrated into major logistics service providers’ systems, FarEye is helping them capture this market.

“Our Drop&Pick technology is seamlessly integrated into existing IT processes, which means logistics service providers can very quickly and easily develop innovative and value-added services to help them tap into new revenue streams and enhance their customers’ experience. Our mobile application for parcel-shop delivery is a key aspect of the technology being used by many of our clients including DHL. We expect to see the use of this technology across many key markets in 2018.”

Drop&Pick follows a three-phase process: book, manage and deliver. The app also allows parcel shops to act as a local hub for online shopping returns, on behalf of logistics firms. Parcel shops can quickly register a parcel, capture the sender’s details, add the recipient’s details, and calculate shipping fees – where appropriate – based on parcel size. Multiple payment options are supported including prepaid, wallets and cards.

Global logistics firms already signed up for Drop&Pick include DHL, DTDC and First Flight.

January 23, 2018

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