ANALYSIS: Parcel locker essentials (part 1)

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In Part 1 of their ‘Parcel Locker Field Identification Guide’, Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) and Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) discuss different classes of parcel lockers:

  • Indoor vs outdoor parcel lockers
  • Installing lockers in apartment buildings
  • Parcel lockers in supermarkets – in particular at LIDL supermarkets
  • Public and delivery drivers being able to access parcel lockers
  • Average parcels per stop for an InPost parcel locker
  • Trip chaining
  • Giving customers delivery options at checkout
  • Suitability of parcel lockers for different parcel types
  • Heavy parcels and parcel lockers
  • Next-gen parcel lockers, with no customer interface screen
  • Using the customer’s mobile phone to interact with the parcel locker
  • Differences between ‘classic’ and new-style parcel lockers

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Ian Kerr is the founder and host of the Postal Hub Podcast, the weekly podcast for the postal and delivery sectors.


Marek Różycki is managing partner at Last Mile Experts, specializing in CEP and e-commerce last-mile advisory.

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