Royal Mail new CEO – how to take the postal giant forward

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Royal Mail has a new CEO. Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) and Marek Różycki (Last Mile Prophets) discuss the challenges that lie ahead for Simon Thompson and his team:

  • What will be top of his agenda in the new role?
  • Relationships with key stakeholders
  • The need for a plan… and charisma!
  • Management style, and engaging employees
  • The importance of clear and honest communication with employees
  • Executives taking responsibility
  • The need to understand what’s happening at the shop floor level
  • Executives need to cut through any obfuscation by middle managers
  • Royal Mail, Post Office Limited, and getting everything to work together
  • New CEO needs strong support at executive level
  • GLS network and moving from B2B to B2C parcels

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