The business benefits of choosing professional pallet delivery

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Mark Calladine, managing director of The Delivery Group, looks at how the simple pallet can transform the way in which businesses send and receive goods 

There are many factors that lead to business success, but prominent in any strategic checklist are the twin pillars of impeccable customer service and operational efficiency. Finding a process that drives improvements across both of these key elements should therefore be of interest to businesses of any size.

Pallet shipping represents one such solution, and pallets are being chosen by businesses across the globe as the best means of transporting products from A to B. Indeed, the pallet freight industry is experiencing major growth, with The Association of Pallet Networks (APN) forecasting the delivery of 28.5 million pallets by its members in 2019, an increase of 6.7% on 2018 figures.

So how are pallets delivering operational advantages, and what is encouraging businesses of every type, from e-commerce giants to print-houses, grocery suppliers, small online startups and more, to adopt the pallet delivery route?

Protecting stock
Pallet delivery involves placing products on a wooden (or plastic) pallet and then shrink-wrapping or strapping the goods securely so that they are not damaged in transit. Pallets are an attractive option for many types of business, but particularly those whose products are somewhat fragile. The very structure of the pallet means that goods are raised from the floor – a real advantage for items such as magazines or other print-related output which is vulnerable to wet weather and water damage.

Delivering customer satisfaction
Customer service is king. In the age of e-commerce this mantra has never been truer, with rival firms just one click away for disgruntled customers. Ensuring goods arrive in pristine condition is a must – whether the recipient is an online shopper or another business. Pallets not only protect the goods being delivered, they also protect the sender’s wider brand reputation. Senders will undoubtedly have insurance for goods in transit, but any damage will leave a bad impression with the recipient, not to mention the administrative burden of returns, re-orders and re-delivery. Anything less than perfection simply won’t be tolerated.

Increased delivery efficiency
Most companies recognise the importance of efficient delivery to their operational success but many will not have the resources or expertise to keep on top of the ever changing delivery landscape. Pallets are designed to make the handling and processing of goods easy and efficient, and expert partners will coordinate the shipment of freight between locations, including handling any associated administrative tasks and documentation. Every shipment can be scanned and tracked, providing both sender and recipient with essential progress reporting. What’s more, deliveries can be organised to be time-specific, ensuring that those receiving the goods are perfectly prepared when goods arrive.

Leaving the delivery process to experts means that staff and resources can be focused on core front-line tasks, safe in the knowledge that back-end processes are operating seamlessly.

Ultimately, pallets are transforming the way in which businesses send and receive goods, enabling greater operational efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction. Today, smart-thinking businesses are recognizing the bigger picture, understanding how robust, efficient and failsafe delivery is contributing to brand reputation and bottom-line growth.

Whatever your volumes and whatever your product profile, pallets can provide a solution that takes your delivery to the next level. When your products leave your building they carry the reputation of your brand with them. First impressions are important, but consistent quality is key.

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