Boosted connectivity for sorting centers

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Siemens Logistics has announced the launch of its new Network Booster software for parcel and mail distribution networks that enables full visibility of processes within a network and allows enhanced network performance.

Features of the package include full monitoring and recording of throughput for each connected logistics center, coupled with high-end visualization and analysis of performance data. Siemens noted that, thanks to the real-time collection of operational data, the software enables operators to quickly identify operational irregularities, localize bottlenecks, and respond rapidly to reduce negative impacts on overall network performance.

An example it gives is the detection of items looping between sorting centers and the information required to extract these items. Recirculating parcels are a frequently occurring problem, leading to higher costs. Thanks to Network Booster, Siemens said unnecessary sorting and transportation costs caused by recirculations can be reduced by at least 80%.

The company said Network Booster visualizes key performance indicators based on a digital twin. This digital model of all connected parcel and mail distribution centers enables the monitoring of item flows and creation of potential measures for the improvement of processes within a network. The analytics technology platform incorporated in the software depends on modern cloud-native software architecture that allows for demand-driven functional deployment.

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