Pakpobox reveals locker solution for smart cities at POST-EXPO 2018

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Hong Kong-based Pakpobox is showcasing its smart locker solutions created for implementation in smart cities at this year’s POST-EXPO.

Pakpobox is a network of smart lockers that connects merchants, couriers and consumers in addressing the pain points of last mile delivery. It offers a 24/7 intelligent self-service delivery and pickup solution that integrates the Internet of Things, IT, encryption, and cloud-computing technologies to provide logistics services for customers.

The company offers a range of lockers, spanning from offerings created for a single house to huge lockers for shopping malls and business centers. The lockers can be placed inside or outside, dependent on the application.

In addition to the conventional parcel locker, Pakpobox has its marked lockers that provide multiple services such as a parcel vending machine, drop off and pick up points for dry cleaning, and refrigerated lockers for food deliveries.

Its lockers can also be integrated with SIM cards, meaning couriers can communicate with owners of private lockers or when lockers are placed in a condominium, for example. Locker doors can even be opened with fingerprint recognition technology.

The company’s smart management system is at the core of its locker offering. Website backend management system (WBMS) provides a range of remote operation options for each terminal locker, including locker status view and change.

The mobile parcel management system (MPMS) includes mobile apps and a WeChat port, streamlining the process for users and couriers to track parcels.

Elsewhere in Pakpobox’s software offering, its interface integration capacity (IIC) allows easy integration using APIs and supports website, mobile, Windows and Android-based applications. The terminal operation system (TOS) provides a customisable and user-friendly interface for customers, couriers and system administrators.

“Our lockers are modular and can be adjusted to what the customers wants,” said Stefano Moni, CEO at Pakpobox. “We are open and flexible with our customers and go beyond our commitments because we know it makes a difference.

“Our software and flexibility makes us unique. A locker is just steel, but what makes the difference is what you can do in terms of application, integration and APIs. We are investing a lot in this area.”

Pakpobox works with companies and organizations including Singapore Post, Australia Post, Yahoo!, ASOS and Huawei. Visit Pakpobox at this year’s POST-EXPO at stand B1.372.

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