ArrowXL first in the world to deploy PostTag solution to enhance delivery accuracy


ArrowXL has become the first two-person home delivery service in the world to team up with PostTag, the destination data engine, as it pioneers new technology to revolutionize its operations.

ArrowXL is working with PostTag’s system to check the address details of every scheduled delivery across multi-databases. Once the program is satisfied it has the precise location, it creates a unique PostTag for that property based on complete address data.

Once fully deployed, ArrowXL will use this solution to accurately guide its delivery drivers to the right location. This will be especially valuable for crews trying to find a particular home within large country estates where a single postcode can cover several miles of properties, or when they’re delivering a product to densely populated communal buildings like flats. As part of the integration, consumers will also be able to send ArrowXL the exact location of their property via GPS.

PostTag’s system will lead to substantial time and cost savings, as well as reduced mileage and a better carbon footprint.

Paul Yewman, CEO, PostTag, said, “Nothing is worse than taking a morning off work to welcome the arrival of your new 60in TV or fridge/freezer into your home only to be told that it won’t be delivered until after you have had to leave to go back to work.

“Precise destination data has taken ArrowXL to the next level. Running into trouble finding the right address was costing ArrowXL’s drivers hours each week and that meant thousands in lost revenue.

“We have always been confident that our destination data engine speeds up delivery and now ArrowXL has seen that first-hand.”

James Robbins, CIO, ArrowXL, added, “We are a forward-thinking and innovative organization that fully understands the importance of smart technology and the Internet of Things, and the considerable effect it can have upon the home delivery sector.

“PostTag will help to rectify any delivery failures that are caused by difficulty locating the correct property. It will allow us to streamline operations and improve our internal processes, but most importantly of all, it will unquestionably enhance the consumer journey.”


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