AI boosts performance of customs clearance label reader

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The regulations and laws governing cross-border trade are changing across the globe, presenting huge challenges to anyone involved in export and e-commerce. It is therefore essential that postal and parcel companies, carriers and e-commerce retailers adapt their processes to remain compliant and take maximum advantage of fast-growing opportunities.

In a new publication, computer vision specialist Prime Vision has outlined its solution that addresses the new regulatory landscape. The company’s International Label Reader automates the processing of international packets and parcels bearing CN22 and CN23 labels, enabling the easy acquisition of all required customs data for postal items not pre-declared digitally.

The company says that its system employs state-of-the-art neural networks based on AI and deep learning techniques. By presenting thousands of previously unfathomable addresses from individual countries to the International Label Reader, its neural network makes connections and learns what is the normal format for each market.

The system manages the semi-automated coding process that is required to obtain all the data needed to clear a postal item through customs. The automated element comprises the Prime Vision Mail Match, a central workflow system for identification of sender, receiver and custom fields optical character recognition (OCR) for clearance purposes; a web-based data entry video coding platform and a manual image lift station for image acquisition and barcode reading.

The company highlights that increased automation rates in automatic sorting, coupled with less manual sorting, a reduction in video coding costs and efficient customs declaration are the clear benefits of its system. The International Label Reader can be used as a standalone facility or integrated with established packets and parcel sorters.


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