Airbus modifies A330s and A350s for cargo

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Airbus is developing modifications so its A330 and A350 models can carry freight pallets when economy class seats are removed.

The aircraft manufacturer says this will help its business continuity and alleviate the global shortage of bellyhold capacity due to passenger aircraft being grounded.

Compared to loading cargo onto seats, Airbus says removing the seats will significantly speed up loading and unloading while reducing wear and tear on the seats.

It will also improve fire safety and the 9G load restraint capability will prevent anything from shifting during the flight.

The modification is packaged as an Airbus Service Bulletin where the manufacturer has defined the engineering work scope and manages certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The scope includes removing the seats and in-flight entertainment, installing cargo pallets and associated safety equipment, and re-installing the original passenger elements when they are needed.

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