Wayzim helps SF Express increase efficiency and reduce labor reliance with automation technology

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In the field of express parcel sorting, Wayzim’s automation equipment has withstood the test of the market, and its automation core technology equipment has been applied in SF Express’s General Integration Project, helping the logistics company to reduce staff and increase operational efficiency.

According to the design requirements, the main line speed is 2m/s and the handling capacity of a single main line is more than 6,000 parcels per hour. The project, which covers an area of 60,000m2, includes 10 main lines of rough distribution and unloading, two parcel return lines, two irregular parcel return lines, 12 main lines of fine distribution and loading, and two double-layer small parcel sorters. The whole site is equipped with automatic equipment such as Wayzim’s conveyor belt line, pivot wheel sorter and loading chute. The total length of the conveyor belt line is about 10,000m. The project also includes Wayzim’s cross-belt five-sided code reading system, which uses an intelligent logistics visual solution that can achieve a code reading recognition rate of more than 99.9%; the error rate generated during manual sorting is about 1%, according to Wayzim.

The General Integration Project has a daily average handling capacity of about 650,000 parcels. During peak e-commerce periods such as 11.11, the system can handle 1,300,000 parcels per day. Wayzim’s fully automated sorting equipment is designed to handle at least 96,000 parcels per hour. In the past, parcel sorting mainly relied on manual work, averaging about 500 parcels per hour, and it took about 200 people working for one hour to sort 96,000 parcels.

The application of automation equipment in labor-intensive industries not only saves labor costs but also helps customers reduce error rates and improve work efficiency.

Wayzim’s automation equipment has been exported to Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Europe, North America, South America and other countries and regions.

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