Bringg adds Auto-Dispatch to its delivery logistics platform


Bringg, a leading delivery logistics platform for enterprises, has launched a new platform module that allows businesses, such as branches of large restaurant and retail chains, to automatically distribute orders to their drivers in real time.

Auto-Dispatch helps optimize the efficiency of a retailer’s delivery processes and reduces the operational costs involved in dispatching, while perfecting the customer experience through highly improved on-time delivery rates.

Auto-Dispatch automatically and intelligently groups orders in batches, meaning single drivers can pick up multiple orders that need to be delivered to nearby locations, saving time and increasing efficiency. The system also provides accurate scheduling, so drivers know exactly when they need to leave to deliver orders on time and what orders are waiting for them upon their return.

In initial deployments, Auto-Dispatch improved on-time delivery rates by 58% and decreased dispatcher workloads by up to 70% so that the dispatchers became available to handle other on-site tasks.

Lior Sion, co-founder and CTO of Bringg, said, “This new technology is a game-changer for businesses, such as restaurants, that work with the tightest delivery deadlines and that are continuously looking for ways to improve their on-time delivery rates, while fostering a more transparent delivery environment.

“We’ve already started piloting this technology with key clients who have seen a drastic improvement in driver performance and punctuality. In addition, Auto-Dispatch provides a fully automated process that eliminates the need to have on-site staff manually assign orders to drivers.”

By Hazel King

March 13, 2018


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