How can pinpoint recipient locations improve first-time delivery rates?

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After securing a global partnership with vehicle glass repair specialist Belron earlier this year, pinpoint addressing system provider Locpin now looks to emulate this success in the delivery sector. PPTI speaks to co-founder and CEO Guy Davenport about the need for better location technologies for parcel deliveries

Tell me more about Locpin?
Locpin was born out of personal frustration in the delivery of parcels. I believe there isn’t the customer demand for an entirely new addressing system so we created a solution that works with existing processes to add an extra layer of detail. Locpin aims to make problem deliveries a thing of the past using geolocation technology to provide super-granular location information. It enables the delivery of parcels and services to any address or place at the first attempt with pinpoint accuracy worldwide, down to nearest the 3 x 3m (10 x 10ft) using GPS coordinates.

What are the USPs of this solution? How does it differ from standard routing systems?
Unlike other solutions, Locpin’s simplicity is central to its success, enabling the solution to work across parcel carriers and other final-mile services. Locpin has addressed the perennial last-mile problem without the need to implement a new addressing system by actively engaging the end customer in the delivery process.

With no new codes, addressing formats, or changes to the checkout process, Locpin can be easily integrated with existing technologies, all within a user-friendly interface that works on any device.

This might include passing the data we capture into a route optimization or mobility software platform, to ensure the delivery agent has all the details necessary to ensure a successful delivery to the right place, first time, and a satisfied end-customer.

How can Locpin help support the delivery process?
The free-to-use system enables customers to create, edit and own their precise location information – be it their home address, workplace or even a broken-down car on a lonely country road.

The solution empowers the delivery recipient to specify and edit their delivery location when necessary – including helpful details for couriers such as precise access points, parking spaces, safe places or a friendly neighbor to receive a delivery. Once created, Locpin information is automatically stored against the customer’s email address and mobile phone number.

Why did you develop it in the first place?
My father and I set up Locpin in 2015 based on an innovative delivery concept that links precise locations and delivery details to the recipient’s phone and email address, instead of relying on a postcode which can often be unreliable and inaccurate.

We quickly realized that getting to the right location is sometimes only half the battle for delivery drivers and so added the ability to specify detailed directions, instructions and delivery preferences.

What are the current challenges of inaccurate location data for delivery firms?
With only 30% of street addresses in the UK leading directly to the specific point of delivery and 75% of UK residents stating that carriers struggle to find their homes or businesses, there is a huge challenge for courier and postal companies from the inaccuracies of the traditional postcode-based system.

E-commerce has boomed in the past decade and today, as many as 85% of UK internet users make online purchases. Inaccurate addresses are costing businesses money and damaging customer relationships.

Tell us about your recent projects?
We’ve secured a long-term partnership with the advanced carrier management platform Route Genie and recently engaged in trials with La Poste, the French postal service, as part of an innovation project entitled ‘The Address of Tomorrow’.

Earlier this year we signed a global deal with Belron, the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group that operates in 35 countries, including in the UK as Autoglass. Our smart-location application makes it easier for their technicians to accurately and quickly find the vehicle requiring repair whether at home or at the roadside.

What feedback have you received from the industry so far?
As Locpin requires no new codes, addressing formats, additional customer fees or changes to the checkout process, we’ve had positive feedback from the industry and we’re looking forward to developing these relationships further with both carriers and solution providers in the months ahead.

What does the future hold for Locpin?
As well as the postal and logistics industry, we’re looking at supporting other industries where there is a need to accurately find a location quickly and efficiently, such as utilities and other field-service sectors. Following our success with Belron in the USA, we’re also exploring further avenues in the UK within the rescue and recovery sector.

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