Nexpad concept by Imaginactive


The Nexpad (Next Parcel Delivery) is a robotic system designed to receive and deliver packages by drones. The Nexpad system is fixed to a building such as a condo or commercial tower block and is able to receive deliveries and send them to mailrooms or a reception area via a slide elevator system.

This fully automated delivery system would be engineered to be retrofitted into existing city towers, thereby reducing the number of delivery trucks on our crowded streets and speeding up the economy.

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The Nexpad concept was imagined in September 2018 by Charles Bombardier and the images were produced by Ashish Thulkar, an Industrial Designer from Bangalore, India. Ashish graduated with a master’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Science in 2014. He currently works as a freelance vehicle designer in Mumbai, India. Ashish also designed the Drone Tower concept in Sept 2016 for Imaginactive.


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