Hanhaa’s ParceLive sees out successful round of pilot trials

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Hanhaa’s live parcel-tracking service ParceLive has proved successful with more companies piloting the service in February and March.

Users are able to gain a live look at their parcel regardless of the carrier or location due to a tracker placed within the load. Customers receive live geostamped data on the temperature and humidity of their shipments, as well as information on if they have been opened, dropped or tilted.

The trackers now benefit from more than two weeks of battery life, while reporting in at hourly intervals. The ability to customize the data is a perk for the customers, meaning even those shipping in express or next day delivery systems can receive large amounts of data.

Hanhaa has negotiated a global returns license on the trackers in order for them to be reused. This license is currently active in 36 countries, meaning parcel recipients can return their tracker in the post for free. License information is displayed on the packaging and a return address displayed on the ParceLive screen, meaning a stamp or additional packaging is not needed for returns.

The most recent roll-out of ParceLive has taken place in countries including the UK, France and Germany.

March 30, 2017

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