New JV for Italian postal service

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Sennder, a specialist in the digitization of road freight transportation, has announced a joint venture with Poste Italiane, Italy’s largest logistics operator.

The companies said that the JV will focus on improving long-haul road transportation efficiency and covers the entire Poste Italiane Full Truck Load network, moving parcels and mail between all the sorting and distribution hubs of the Italian postal service provider.

Sennder said its proprietary digital freight forwarding platform is aimed at organizing, logging and optimizing cargo for transportation. The newly formed JV will operate under the name Sennder Italia.

Poste Italiane stated that through the partnership it will benefit from full GPS visibility of its trucks, state-of-the-art operating technology, and reduced CO2  emissions through the utilization of vehicles with alternative fuels. As a result, Poste Italiane hopes to make savings of over 6% on its yearly €100m (US$114m) Full Truck Load spending.

David Nothacker, CEO and co-founder of Sennder, said, “The JV shows how a partnership combining 158 years of Italian logistics operations and state-of-the-art technology can unlock unprecedented synergies and opportunities for both Poste Italiane and Sennder.

“We bring cloud-based communications and better record keeping, along with more efficient logistical mapping organization, to an industry that has been operating largely by way of faxed or shipped invoices. Our GPS tracking will help Poste Italiane with highly precise arrival estimates.

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