Time needed to collect parcels nearly double for customers in Asia, finds research

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Parcel tracking platform Parcel Monitor has unveiled the findings from research taking a deeper look at consumer behavior regarding the use of collection points. This includes the regions with the shortest package dwell time and those that had the highest percentage of packages collected by the 48th hour.

According to Parcel Monitor’s data, consumers in Oceania were the fastest to collect their parcels from collection points, with 63.3% of packages being collected within 24 hours. It only took an average of 35 hours for them to pick up the parcels from the collection points, being one of the lowest in the world.

Albeit being a new trend, consumers in New Zealand and Fiji displayed a high preference for collection points. Australia, on the other hand, has been growing their PUDO market rapidly since the pandemic onset, reaching 8,000 PUDO locations as early as July 2020. As more partnerships are forged between parcel delivery companies and local retailers, this number is expected to increase in the coming years

Longest dwell times

Based on the findings, Asian customers were highlighted as needing the most time to pick up their packages from parcel collection points. While the other regions only needed 34-37 hours to collect their parcels, the parcels dwell time in Asia stood at 66.9 hours.

According to Parcel Monitor, picking up parcels from collection points is a new trend in most Asian markets, placing them far behind their Western counterparts like France and Poland that have set up extensive parcel networks even before the pandemic. Moreover, the lack of basic logistics infrastructure in less developed parts of Asia also prevents them from setting up successful PUDO systems.

Collection by 48th hour

Although the adoption rates of collection points are different across regions, this new delivery method is proving to be a valuable delivery option for consumers everywhere. Parcel Monitor data shows that more than 65% of parcels worldwide are collected within 48 hours, with Oceania leading the pack at 78.4% followed by North America (77.4%) and Europe (75.6%). Even in the case of Asia, approximately 69% of package pickups were completed by the 48th hour.

To view the original report by Parcel Monitor, click here.

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