IrisGuard enables refugees to receive cash

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IrisGuard has deployed its EyePay Cash mobile platform allowing refugees in Egypt to receive financial aid via iris identification.

The financial payment platform is working with Egypt National Post (ENPO) and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), with the technology finding and authenticating the person with 100% certainty in less than three seconds.

Egyptian National Post and UNHCR have been providing remittance services to refugees in Egypt since 2017.

With EyePay, the vast majority of refugees can now receive their cash through having their iris scanned at some ENPO branches, with records verified on the UNHCR database.

The technology eliminates the need for refugees to provide any other identification documents and tells ENPO the type of assistance and amount the beneficiary is due.

The beneficiary is able to decide the assistance they wish to take and will be provided with a receipt stating the amount withdrawn and available balance.

Steven Choka, cash-based interventions officer at UNHCR, said, “The beneficiary receives aid faster, in privacy and with dignity. The donors are assured complete accountability with every pound generously donated going only to those entitled to receive it, this is documented and a live report is available to ensure complete transparency. IrisGuard targeted aid distribution platform eliminates fraud, reduces bank fees, increases efficiency and allows more beneficiaries to receive the aid they so desperately need.”

Imad Malhas, CEO and founder of IrisGuard, said, “We are proud to be leading the way in providing financial inclusion for refugees in Egypt. We are delighted to be partnered with Egypt National Post ENPO and the United Nations and to provide a safe, secure and 100% accurate solution for targeted instant remittances service.”

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