Mini sorting robots for European market

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LiBiao Robot, a specialist in automated robot-based parcel sortation solutions, has announced that it is entering the European market with its ‘Mini Yellow’ range of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Concurrently, it is also seeking strategic alliances with distribution partners in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

According to the company, the robot range has been specifically developed as a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to high-cost, fixed tilt-tray and crossbelt conveyor-based sortation systems. Initially, two models will be offered to the European market, a 5kg tilt-tray robot and a 30kg crossbelt model.

The company states its robots are more compact than other AMRs currently on the market, which means they require less space within which to operate; 350 of the Mini Yellow machines can cover 1,300m and handle 20,000 items per hour. It also notes that the robot’s navigation software is compatible with many European warehouse management systems.

LiBiao Robot’s founder and chief executive, Xia Huiling, explained the decision to move into the European market: “Demand for more efficient and smarter warehouse management is strong in Europe, where online shopping has been growing at a tremendous pace and driving up the number of parcels handled, so we believe that the market will benefit from our advanced mobile robot technology.

“The hardware, software and management system for the ‘Mini Yellow’ sorting system has been refined to the point where our clients usually recover the cost of their investment within one and a half to two years.”

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