Japan Airlines delivers fresh fish using drones


Japan Airlines (JAL) has successfully carried out trial flights to deliver fresh fish from Nagasaki Prefecture to Tokyo using drones.

On February 18, the unmanned aerial vehicle, a Yamaha FAZER-R G2 transported a cool box 46km between Kamigoto and Ojika airports. During the trial, the temperature in the cool box was logged to make sure the environment was kept at a certain level.

On February 19, 20kg of fresh fish were packed into a cool box at Kamigoto Airport and transported to Saikai approximately 35km away, which was then transported to Nagasaki Airport by truck.

A Japan Airlines passenger flight flew the shipment to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and the fish was served at a restaurant in the city on the same day.

The logged temperature inside the cool box confirmed it had been kept at a certain level throughout the trial.

The trial’s aim is to develop a new type of air cargo service using UAV technology.

Click here to see a video of the drone delivery.


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