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Turn-key System integrator, Telescopic conveyor Producer

We are looking for teammates for the Sales Team. (Polish and English speaker)

Lodamaster Group was established in 2011 and is a fast growing company in the intralogistics sector. Our company produces and installs conveyor and sorter automation systems, especially for companies operating in the field of e-commerce and postal cargo. Who knows! Maybe the last product you bought from the internet reached you quickly thanks to the systems we produced.

Having experience in the field of intralogistics can make you stand out from other candidates, but this is definitely not a feature you must have. Our door is always open to sales professionals who work proactively, think analytically, and want to see their skills in technological product and system sales!

If you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications outlined below, tell us why you’d still be a great fit for this role in your application!

Here are your responsibilities;

Identify potential customers: Research and identify potential customers in the intralogistics industry, and develop strategies to reach out to them.

Generate leads: Create and execute lead generation strategies, including cold calling, email marketing, and attending trade shows and industry events.

Develop and maintain relationships: Build and maintain relationships with existing customers, and cultivate new relationships with potential customers.

Understand customer needs: Understand the needs and requirements of customers in the intralogistics industry, and provide tailored solutions to meet those needs.

Prepare and deliver sales presentations: Develop and deliver sales presentations to potential customers, highlighting the features and benefits of products and services.

Negotiate contracts: Negotiate contracts with customers, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Collaborate with internal teams: Work closely with internal teams, including engineers, project managers, and customer service representatives, to ensure successful project delivery.

Achieve sales targets: Meet or exceed sales targets, and develop strategies to increase revenue and profitability.

Stay up-to-date with industry trends: Stay current with industry trends and developments, and use this knowledge to inform sales strategies and tactics.

Maintain accurate records: Keep accurate records of sales activities, customer interactions, and other relevant information in a CRM system.

Provide excellent customer service: Provide excellent customer service, ensuring that customers are satisfied with products and services and addressing any issues or concerns in a timely and effective manner.

What you should bring in your pocket! Skills

Sales expertise: A strong understanding of sales principles, including lead generation, sales presentations, and contract negotiations.

Industry knowledge: Knowledge of the intralogistics industry, including trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Communication skills: Excellent communication skills, including the ability to listen actively, communicate clearly, and build rapport with customers.

Customer service skills: A focus on providing excellent customer service, including addressing customer needs and concerns and following up on sales leads.

Technical knowledge: Familiarity with the technical aspects of intralogistics products and services, including warehouse management systems, automated guided vehicles, and material handling equipment.

Analytical skills: The ability to analyze data, including sales reports and customer feedback, and use that information to inform sales strategies and tactics.

Teamwork: The ability to work collaboratively with internal teams, including engineers, project managers, and customer service representatives, to ensure successful project delivery.

Time management: Strong time management skills, including the ability to prioritize tasks, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines.

Persistence: A willingness to persist in the face of rejection, and to continue pursuing sales leads until a sale is made.

Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, including changes in the market, customer needs, and product offerings.

In return of your commitment, we offer you…

  • A team of diverse colleagues who share a passion for intralogistics technologies
  • Trust and empowerment to make your own ideas a reality
  • Personal and professional development to grow internally within our organization
  • Flexible working hours
  • Private health insurance

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