IPC: Post must keep flowing

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The International Postal Corporation (IPC) is working with postal operators to make sure mail continues to be sent.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, IPC has hosted weekly conference calls with members and a number of non-members.

Now that all countries have been affected by the crisis, IPC says the calls aim to ensure postal operators share updates on their domestic and cross-border status.

Maintaining links between Europe and the USA, and between Australia and New Zealand and Europe, is now a key objective.

IPC is working with interested parties to create a dedicated airlink between continents to keep mail flowing.

It is also working with European operators to ensure intra-European networks continue to operate through closed transit arrangements.

IPC and posts are looking at combining hubs through an enhanced road network.

In addition, IPC is surveying all posts, members and non-members to gather and share specific precautions to ensure staff safety and operational measures while keeping domestic networks operable.

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