Final Mile Innovation of the Year: Bpost in-home delivery

In late 2018 Zalando and the Future Lab of Belgian post group, bpost, collaborated to create an in-home delivery solution using smart home technology. Installing smart locks in homes across Antwerp, Belgium, Zalando and bpost tested in-home delivery and returns. The solution was developed to address the challenge of missed home deliveries.

Participating homes were equipped with smart lockers and a smart doorbell. Customers then downloaded an app which was linked to the smart home devices. When a home delivery is being made, the postal worker rings the smart doorbell, the customer is then alerted that a delivery is being made via the smartphone application. The customers’ smartphone camera and an in-house camera enable the customer to monitor the entire process remotely as well as interact with the delivery worker.

The customer can then open the door for the postal worker through the app. The worker places the parcel inside the house and then shuts the door, which locks instantly. Returns can also be collected using this process. Customers are also able to interact with the delivery worker if there are any issues or questions.

Bpost has received extremely positive feedback regarding in-home delivery. Nine out of ten people using the service asked if they could continue the service after the initial trial period. Bpost is now working on developing an open system which can be used by any retailer.

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Full coverage of the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards will be featured in the January 2020 issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International magazine.