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BlueCrest – With you every step of the way

BlueCrest is with you at every stage of the document lifecycle. Our industry pedigree and expertise translate into a solutions-set that drives operational efficiency and excellence from job received to job delivered. It’s about people, processes and technology coming together to advance your operation.

Look to BlueCrest for the world’s most comprehensive line of production printers, inserters, sorters, parcel solutions and software. With the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with existing processes and the innovation to enable your long-term vision, BlueCrest is your partner for continual optimisation and sustained business growth.

BlueCrest, formerly a division of Pitney Bowes, is an independent technology company with a long tradition of global leadership in enterprise communication solutions. BlueCrest serves clients around the world with the industry’s most comprehensive range of production printers, inserters, mail and parcel sorters and innovative software.

Leveraging decades of experience and best practice within the commercial, private and national postal markets around the world, BlueCrest offers an innovative portfolio of sorting solutions designed to meet the industry’s growing demand for optimized operations and multi-application processing.

Rick Becerra, Vice President Sortation Solutions & Strategy at BlueCrest, introduces our company and our latest technology at Post-Expo 2019:

Vantage™ Sorting Solution
High-speed letter processing with in-line options

As the first high-speed sorter to feature in-line metering and the highest industry read rates, Vantage is a multi-application system and industry leader in operational throughput. Production workflow is simplified by eliminating the need to meter mail at different rates or managing pre-printed envelopes, thus ensuring higher productivity and more efficient mail processing.

The Mixed Mail Stacker (MMS) feature for the Vantage is the latest enhancement to the BlueCrest flagship sorting solution. The mixed mail stacking technology enables the processing of thicker mail, increased mail characteristics and mail handling sensitivities. There is a large range of mail that can be processed, from postcards to business flats. The readability and system uptime is key to increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

VariSort™ mixed mail sorter
Automate virtually any sorting opportunity

The VariSort is a hybrid sorting solution designed to accept an unprecedented range of postcards, letters, difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels. You can take advantage of almost any sorting automation opportunity, benefit from increased postage savings and accelerate your outgoing and incoming mail delivery.

TrueSort® parcel solution
Automated, high-speed parcel sorting

The TrueSort is an ultra-flexible solution for parcel sorting that provides outstanding throughput rates. Plus, it provides a choice of multiple sorting technologies including the tilt tray, bomb bay, push tray, shoe sorter and others. Whatever the parcel volume or characteristics, the TrueSort is the right fit for the application.

OneSort® automated data capture solutions
Dimensioning and data capture at its best.

The OneSort solutions provide all the automation needed for enhanced parcel processing and management. The solution can help address issues for a wide range of ecommerce, express logistics, supply chain and shipping center applications.

SortEngine™ 360
Deliver increased productivity, savings and operational efficiency within any sortation process.

SortEngine™ 360 delivers increased productivity, cost savings and operational efficiency within any sortation process. This innovative postal software architecture connects multiple sortation equipment types including letters, flats, mixed mail and parcels. SortEngine™ 360 is intelligent software that addresses postal processing demands while providing the agility required in connecting multiple sites.

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